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My name is Kylie May, and I started in February 2016. I started up after I was encouraged by many people from stranger sto friends, and I have seen the Instagram audience grow many times over after much encouragement from strangers, friends and a growing Instagram audience. I have been told many times by people that they do not know what to wear with particular items of clothing, and I have a solution for them.

I have built up a catalog of fashion adventures that you can enjoy when you come to the site, and you will find that gives you better ideas for how to dress yourself. You will feel beautiful because you are wearing something that is on-trend, and I think about fashion-forward items that will look good on plus size girls. I am a plus size girl myself, and I want all girls my size to feel like they are wearing something that makes them look great.

You should not be pushed into bad clothes because you have curves, and I started this site so that I can show you how to make your curves look great, fit into clothes you love and create outfits that everyone will compliment.

Disclosure: This is a personal style blog written by Kylie May. I will let you know when I received items as part of a promotion, and I will be honest with you about the relationships that I have with people in the industry. All the opinions on this page are my own, and I am not influenced in any way by what the manufacturers in the industry want me to say. I give you the most-honest opinion of each item I wear, and I will give you an unbiased look at clothes that you should try this year.